Road Trip for Llama Fiber...

We reached Murray, Kentucky at 10:00 a.m. just as planned to meet Tessa to purchase some llama fiber.  She was there at the meeting place when we arrived.  There were bags of llama fiber in different colors of browns light to dark and black from her llama's - the names Flirt, Brandy, and Oats was written on the bags.  Tessa told me that she doesn't card the fiber and she spins it in the raw.  I tried that but I really thinks it spins better for me after carding because it stayed together in a stronger single.  During the transaction, I completely forgot to ask Tessa if it was okay to take a few pics...bummer uh! Anyway, I do have pics of the bags of fiber, fiber I have ready in a basket to card and some fiber that I have spun in a very pretty light brown color.  The llama wool is very soft and is not a scratchy texture at all.  Enjoy the pics.  I hope to make something wonderful from the llama wool.  

Raw llama fiber in plastics bags.

Llama wool stored in plastic boxes with lids to keep the dust off of the wool and critters out.

Basket of llama wool ready to card before spinning. 

Llama wool on the jumbo flyer. 

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