Crochet + Felting = Hat

The end project is a hat called a "bucket hat."  There are patterns for the bucket hat on the web.  Two skeins crocheted together to make a think material of wool.  I followed the directions step by step.  I was happy with the shape but noticed the size was much smaller than it was supposed to be for a "man-size" hat. After a couple of rounds in the washing machine wash cycle I was happy with the felting.  After drying though the hat was much too small for any man's head.  I must confess, I didn't use the gauge or size crochet hook in the directions.  So, all of that work around and around in the back loop only, washing, felting and I ended up with a very nice...felted bowl.  I purchased a "P" hook and will be starting a new bucket hat following all of the directions including gauge and hook!  Enjoy the pics! 

Crochet Bucket Hat
Single Crochet with two skeins of 100% wool. 

Hat once felting is done. 
Nice felted bowl! 

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