Crochet Camera Strap for Anna

My daughter who is 30-something has become crafty.  I've been crafty all of  my life; my mother says I got it from my paternal grandmother who always had many projects going at the same time.  She called me to say "I need to learn how to crochet."  And my response to her was "Why?  Do you have something you want to make?"  She tells me that "Anna" saw a crochet camera strap with a flower and wants one for herself.  I recommended to "Candace" (my daughter) to find a beginner crochet tutorial on You Tube and get started.  Meanwhile, I crocheted the camera strap for Anna so "Candace" could gift it to her.  I used Vanna White "Vanna's Choice" in Black for the camera strap in all single stitch in the round (25" x 2.5"), the yarn for the cabbage rose is Stitch.Rock.Love Sheep(ish) in bright pink by Caron and the green leaves (actually four-leaf clovers left over from St. Patty's Day) are dark green,Simply Soft also a Caron yarn. 

Her husband bought "Candace" her own tools. She has made a wooden child's table and one chair to match.  She's also just finished one of her two daughter's headboards for their beds - lined with upholstery foam, lining and fab-fabric and some talented stapling.  She is a late crafty bloomer but "wow" she is good!

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