Crochet Storage & Recycled Jars

When I was cleaning up the kitchen I washed out the jars, like always, but this time it was different.  I felt the need to recycled.  So for the love of all things yarn I thought why not crochet the jars - kind of a yarn bombing on the jars.  Even though cleaned thoroughly, the jars still smelled of salsa, spaghetti sauce and even more salsa.  I placed one dryer sheet in each jar with the lid placed and they smell much better and not all all like food.  And while I thought this was an original idea - it certainly is not.  I Googled "crochet jar" images and found many photos of jars covered in crochet.  

And what a gorgeous trio they turned out to be.   Just eyeball the diameter of the bottom of each jar, crochet in the round using the back stitch only until the height reaches the size of the jar.  I kept trying the cover on as I went to make a good fit.  Once the size you need, use a big-eyed needle and cinch up the top around the neck of the jar, give it a good pull and tie-off.  Work your yarn tail in.  To cover the jar lid, crochet a circle large enough to cover the top and the side of the lid.  Use two-sided tape on the top and around the side to secure the crochet cover to the lid.  

Bernat Mosaic "Optimistic" is the yarn used for this project.  It is 100% Acrylic, but doesn't it look like hand spun?  I think so too!

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