Sandal...Flip Flop Socks

A pair of sandal socks!
Sandal sock with my sandal!
Why didn't I think of these?  When you see a great idea like these, don't you wish you'd been smart and inventive enough?  Sandal socks weren't just invented though; the Japanese having been wearing them for many, many years.  I first spotted a pair on 

I crocheted my pair using my own pattern and stitches and using my own feet for the fit.  They are comfortable and stylish! There are many free patterns for "flip flop" and "sandal socks" on the web.  Measure your mid-foot around.  Begin with a front post for the band and single and double crochet until you have your own pair of sandal socks! 

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Memories Past and Present said...

I love these flip flop socks!!!