70's Embroidery Jeans and a New Floss Collection

Embroidery was a BIG thing in the 70's when I was in high school.  Where you one of the girls (or guys) that embroidery all over their jeans from top to bottom and especially on the pockets...I totally was.  My jeans had Peace signs, "Love", a cat face, birds...Oh, how I wish I still had those jeans.  It started with a hole in the knee and then I pretty much covered them in embroidery.  I'm wondering if my mama has a picture of me wearing those jeans (reminder:  call mama and ask about those jeans...)

Today on Craft Gossip there is a post for a giveaway for a brand new floss.  Click on the Craft Gossip link to enter a chance to win some of this floss for yourself!  

This is not your mama's floss - click this link Sublime Floss to see the collection for yourself. 

Jenny Hart is offering delicious colors: Frosting, Fruit Salad, Taffy Pull and others Prism, Portrait, Flowerbox, Breakdance, Parlour, Mingles and Metallic. The collection of beautiful floss is not expensive - it's very reasonably priced for $6 dollars for a collection of six skeins and available at Sublime Stitching websiteI hope you win the giveaway!  I have entered to win myself but I will be buying my own collections very soon

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