Crochet Hook Project Markers

Just when you're crocheting the best project ever you see another crochet project that you happen to have the perfect yarn to create the new project with, and you have to start it now.  The new project uses the same size crochet hook you are currently using and sure you have other crochet hooks that size but you take the hook out anyway.What happens to your latest project that you'll get back to...eventually?  I have a couple WIPs going...yeah me too.  I needed a way to remember what size crochet hook I used on a particular project.  So, into my craft room I get all my jewelry supplies and begin to design a crochet hook marker.  So many ideas ran through my head.  Simplify.  The crochet hook markers I came up with uses alphabet beads and 1 inch safety pins.  

I made two or three for the crochet hooks that I use the most.  This is a very inexpensive project.  

Looks like I needed the "K" crochet hook for another project, but that's okay because when I get back to finishing this motif I'll know that I need the "K" crochet hook to finish.  The crochet hook marker keeps the project from unraveling too.  

There are only alphabet beads in this packet, but for those of you who use the tiny number crochet hooks, there are probably a packet of those available too.  

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