From Sweater to the Swift

I searched the web for some ideas on a yarn winder and combined some different things that I saw and came up with the swift in the photos.  From this swift I wind the yarn to the yarn winder that makes the cakes from which you crochet from.  The winder above is made with PCV pipe.  I cut the pieces and my husband glued everything together.  My original plan did not have the round thing in the middle.  When my husband handed me my swift it was there.  When I asked him why it was there he told me that there needed to be a sturdy separation between my PVC "legs" or it wouldn't work.  So, I guess you could say that my husband and I both came up with this swift.  And it does work very well.

The puppy "helping" is Kiwi, my chiweenie.  She loves to steal away my natural fibers and really has no time at all for acrylics.  She's a smart girl although annoying when I'm spending time winding and must chase down what she has stolen.

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