Vintage Stoles and Shrugs Circa 1953

Look at this fab crochet pattern book I found at the Goodwill.  I rarely look at the magazine rounder by the front door, but I saw a couple of mags when I was walking out that interested me and this is what I found under a stack.  Oh, my goodness my heart started beating faster.  I would love to crochet one of the shrugs you know they are back in style anyway.  I photographed some of the inside pages for you.  

The caption for the "Party Girl" blue and white sweater says, "Short - quick - and easy to make...and just "deevine" to be seen in.  Teenagers everywhere just love, love, love stoles and shrugs."  I'm pretty sure that's not true in today's time but in 1953 it was probably peachy keen! The original price for this mag was a whole ten cents. 

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