My Kromski Sonata

I collected business cards and flyers during the Harrison County Fair Grounds Fiber Show.  I walked around in ah looking at the yarn successfully spun.  I wanted to buy roving but without a wheel I wasn't sure what was a point to buying, but I bought some anyway - some fluffy white merino.  Once home I made myself a top whorl spindle and began to wear out my leg spinning and spinning.  A couple of weeks passed and I really wanted to try the spinning wheel.  I pulled out those business cards from the fiber show and began calling spinners asking if they knew anyone with a used wheel for sale.  It worked out great for me because the someone who had my wheel for sale lived only 30 minutes away from me.  What a great lady - Sherry greeted me and told me to come on in and try out the wheel.  She explained how to use the wheel and take care of it. She showed me some of her beautiful spun yarn.  Oh, some day I hope to spin something that beautiful. She told me about "roving of the month clubs" which I haven't joined any yet but I plan to.  After spinning a short while I purchased my cherry finish Kromski Sonata (born in 2006) and packed her away in her green "Ninja turtle" case.  


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