Spun Yarn and the Wooden Dough Bowl

My mom and I love to visit consignment shops and Goodwill stores for stuff...you know you need it when it finds you that kind of stuff.  While rummaging a Goodwill in Kentucky, my mom found this wonderful dough bowl and I begged her for it. Oh, mom...blah, blah.  She gave it to me.  It is about 14 inches across and not a crack in it.  

The yarn inside the dough bowl is the first yarn that I have spun ever.  The green is dyed from Jello lemon-lime flavor.  The orange and white is a pumpkin roving I bought from an etsy lady who lives in Virginia.  I plyed the pumpkin yarn with some white Merino yarn I spun from my Kromski Sonata,   and the brown varigated yarn is from some roving that I bought at the Indiana fiber show this past fall.  There is also some orange yarn peeking out from under the rest because it is my first attempt at spinning and it's bad - really bad mostly kinks.  

I asked Luna from Elizabethtown, Kentucky http://blueballmountainspindleneedleworks.blogspot.com  what is a good spun yarn and she answered, "If you love it, it's good spun yarn."  What a great answer.