Worsted....naturally woolie...

All sorts of ideas run through my mind when I receive a new package of roving.  Like a lot of people who aren't fortunate enough to live on a farm with sheep and chickens I have a full-time job that gets crazy at times.  Spinning helps me chill.  I purchased this roving on-line from Ann Walter.  I wanted to spin another color roving with this roving but the dark brown was so rich I decided to spin two Kromski spools full of single ply and plyed them together.  Since I'm pretty new to spinning I go with the flow allowing the roving to work through my hands.  The yarn is thick and thin in texture.  I'm impatient drafting because I love spinning.  My fluffy dark brown yarn is 9 wpi "worsted" according to the yarn gauge.  

According to the yarn gauge guide I spun a "worsted" yarn at 9 wpi.