From Two Spindles to One...

A sea of blue colors being spun into a two skein yarn.  I purchased this roving in a "batt" or "bump."  I didn't know either meant at the time of purchase.  I was at my second fiber festival and I thought the blue colors were pretty.  When I began pulling the roving from the "batt" it was stiff and sort of sticky.  I wasn't willing to spin it for a while and then I decided to see what would come of it.  Once I started spinning the yarn was pretty and didn't look any different from fluffier roving.  I did notice though that my hands felt sticky.  Maybe someone is willing to explain to me what the sticky feeling is in the roving.  I would love to know.  Anyway the yarn is pretty and I'm hoping to crochet a handbag and felt it.  Because I love all colors of blue I'm looking forward to the final project. 

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