My First Crochet Garment....for me.

I need a lesson in photographing garments that's for sure because this yarn by Vanna White Lion Brand in Barley is very nice and soft, a beautiful color with flecks of black and white chenille.  The photo doesn't give the yarn good credit.  I wore my sweater to work and the ones who commented like it very much.  This is my first project that's a garment for myself.  I picked up the buttons on a clearance stand in the craft department at  Wal-Mart.  They are very good quality buttons - not plastic - some sort of shell with a swirly brown color.  I enjoyed making this sweater and didn't read any pattern to make it.  I do read crochet patterns but this one just came off the hook!  I've wanted to write that for a long time - off the hook - ha!  Made of three simple rectangles, one for the back and two for the side of the front and then I connected on the sides and at the shoulders.  I crocheted in the round beginning at the side "seams" to form the sleeves.  I simply measured from the top of my shoulders to my hip bone and across my back to get the measurements.  This one measure 12 inches by 28 inches for the two front pieces and 24 inches by 28 inches for the back.  My next one will be the color purple.  I will be searching to find some wonderful big buttons for it. 

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Kimberly Jones said...

This is simply beautiful! I love the color! Great job!