Another Sweater Creation and Buttons too

I had an itch to create something purple.  I purchased "Purple" Vanna White yarn and chained away to begin my purple sweater.  I crocheted it the same method as the last one...three rectangles one for the back two for the front sides and added the sleeves crocheting in the round.  Not too bad for only my second garment. 

I wanted some special buttons for my sweater.  I had an idea to make my own buttons with polymer clay.  I rolled out a block of white clay, cut circles with a 1 1/2 inch biscuit cutter and gave them a mushing in between some embossing folders from my card making supplies.  Once out of the oven and cooled I used my Copic Markers to apply color to the buttons and then a layer of clear nail polish over the top for a little shine. 

Close up pic of one of the buttons I made for my purple sweater. 

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Candace said...

Hi mom! Awesome buttons! I <3 them!