Between the Pages...

I've never been a reading person as far as reading fiction but I love to read how-to books.  The internet has a vast amount of information but there's something about holding a real book in your hands and turning the pages.  Having said that I am going to purchase an Apple ipad one of these days.  I'm learning about dyeing, carding, spinning and mixing fibers.  On a recent road trip to Alabama with my husband, I was reading a story in the book Fiber Gathering where the author was describing her visit at the Nashville, Tennessee Fair Grounds Fiber Festival.  At that time, we were driving through on the highway and passed the road to turn to the fair grounds.  How cool is that?  I wonder if some day children will not know the feeling of a paper book in their hands?  Kind of scary in a way but then there's that Apple ipad.  Here are some pics of the covers of the books .   

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