Hackle DIY Discovery

I attended the first annual Indiana Music and Fiber Festival in Charlestown, Indiana!  I have pics of my purchases, some of the booths fulls of roving and yarns and accessories and alpaca.  But first, I want to share a discovery.  While visiting the both of Luna BlueBallMountainSpindleandNeedleworks today I asked her if anyone was selling hackles for making batts of roving.  She described to me how folks are making homemade hackles out of hair picks.  So, I Googled and found the link above at yarn zombie.  Check it out if you're interested at all in making your own batts out of bits and pieces of roving you have laying here and there.  I love new discoveries!  When I create my hackle following the directions in the yarn zombies DIY video, I'll post my pics! So, please come back soon!

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