Road Trip Pics

My friend Cindy and I traveled on a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning to the First Annual Fiber and Music Festival in Charlestown, Indiana.  First, had to have some energy and stopped by the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in the original capital of Indiana, Corydon, Indiana.  We ate too much and got back on the road towards Louisville.  Cindy was asked to take a survey and was given a $10 gift certificate to the Cracker Barrel gift shop.  Lucky girl! When we arrived at the fiber fest we saw the buildings and tents set up.  There was plenty of parking.  We were greeted by nice ladies who gave us tickets for a chance to win a prize they were drawing on the hour.  Neither of us won a prize and that's too bad too because there were some nice things to win.  The music playing was loud and very good.  Each booth was full of amazing roving, hand spun yarn, spinning wheels, drop spindles, hand knitted socks, fingerless gloves, scarves, shawls, and hats that the vendors made and brought to sell.  There was livestock too.  Alpacas and french long hair bunnies. 

 The pics are from Riin's booth of Happy Fuzzy Yarn.  She was visting Indiana all of the way from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I purchased a lot of roving from Luna.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a bunch home.  

I met Diana Young from Young's Bunny Farm.  I purchased a jumbo flyer for my Kromski Sonata spinning wheel to use when I ply yarns.  Diana explained that the jumbo flyer would hold a lot more yarn being placed on the spindle when plying. 

There was one thing there that I didn't know about - alpaca tea.  It was in 2-liter bottles and it looked like tea but I soon learned that it was fertilizer.  The vendor had plants there that he had put the alpaca tea in and they were very healthy.  He was also selling dried alpaca waste in a little bag so you could make your own alpaca tea.  You never know what you're going to find at a fiber festival.  I sure hope the ladies put the Charlestown, Indiana Fiber and Music Fest together again next year.  I had a great visit this year!

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