Memorial Day Flea Market - 93 Degrees

Every year on Memorial Day a couple of hours drive away, near my mom's home, is a huge flea market.  I haven't attended annually but today I decided I wanted to meet my mom and go to the flea market.  Now, I could make this post one of those wonderful flea market glorious road trip stories similar to the ones in County Living Magazine, but the heat was intense.  We had to park one mile away from the nearest market booth and pay $3 to park in the field.  Nothing to worry about - others were parking even further away to not pay to park.  The excitement was taking over our senses - like "love is blind." Once walking through the booths we were feeling okay and there were many, many interesting things to see, hear, and touch.  The little beagle puppies were fun to see but because of the heat they looked a little sick.  I spotted a chandelier that was amazing.  I have always wanted one to hang from the ceiling in the bedroom.  I didn't even ask for the asking price because carrying it back to the parking lot was not an option.  After about an hour walking in the intense heat we noticed that we hadn't bought many things and that we needed to head towards the the minivan for some A/C.  I was feeling worse than my mom who is twenty years my senior.  I borrowed a chair for her to rest a minute and then continue but, she stopped in the shade with a cool breeze blowing while I got the minivan pulled up to get her.  While walking away from mom and towards the minivan I heard someone holler mom's name and saying "Well, Judy how the heck are you?"  I knew she was in good hands.  With mom driving, we shopped at a local consignment shop and stopped for a large sweet tea before retreating back to mom's house.

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