Day #2

  • Free breakfast in the hotel
  • (Must have been a rodeo close by 'cause there was lots of cowgirls and cowboys in the lobby!)
  • Antique shop - closed
  • Goodwill 
  • Historic Murfreesboro
  • The best almond cupcake ever! 
  • Naughty Knitter Yarn Shop
  • Lunch 
  • Garage Sales
 With no particular plans we decided to drive home the "back way" along a two lane highway.  But first I had my heart set on visiting the Knaughty Knitter Yarn Shop.  She was closed when we first arrived so we went to the historic downtown square where the local firemen and women were being honored as part of the 9/11 remembrance.  After a couple of antique and knick knack shops we spotted a bakery.  We ate the most wonderful almond cupcake and icing I've ever tasted! Ever!  

The yarn shop was about to open so we drove back there.  Upon walking up the sidewalk I was greeted by the shop's owner Meredith Kermicle.  Meredith's husband and shop dog where there too.  There were boxes of new yarns ready to be opened.  There were completed projects and yarns everywhere you looked.  Meredith showed me a cowl she had completed with fake fur.  It was white, soft and beautiful! A local customer arrived.  She was loving the shop dog and visiting with the Kermicle's.  I felt this shop was very friendly.  I purchased a one yard Ashford "kniddy knoddy" and purple silk and BFL combed top.  I have it on my bobbin now on my spinning wheel.  Wish I would have bought the other 4 ozs. she had prepared but I didn't.  Silly me!  There's always the postal service!  Enjoy the pics! 

Meredith - Knaughty Knitter in person!

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