Three Yarn Shops in Two Days

Day #1
  • Pick Up Mom and enjoy breakfast (8:00 A.M.)
  •  Purchase 2012 Road Atlas
  • Enchanted Yarns and Fiber Shop in Clarksville, Tenn
  • House of Yarns in Nashville, Tenn
  • Downtown Nashville for lunch
  • Franklin, Tenn Farmer's Market (could not find it)
  • Franklin, Tenn Goodwill
  • Murfreesboro, Tenn Pottery Barn
  • Reserve room for overnight at Holiday Inn
  • Chickfilet for dinner
  • JoAnn Fabrics and Pier 1 (8:00 P.M.)

I'm so excited to share our road trip with you.  I left home in Indiana early in the morning and drove to Kentucky to pick up my mom.  After scones and a large cup of caffeine coffee we were ready to load up mom's overnight bag and get the road trip started.  We had a general idea that we wanted to head towards Nashville, Tennessee so we drive south.  We drove as far as we were familiar and had to buy an atlas - smarter than asking for directions. 

We arrived in Clarksville, Tennessee to visit the 
ENCHANTED YARN SHOP located in a busy shopping center.   Rolynn, the shop's owner welcomed us.  There were plenty of yarns and spinning wheels displayed for purchase.  There was a bit of renovation going on but the shop wasn't missing a beat.  The fiber stock was depleted and Rolynn explained she just had a large group come in who wiped her out of fiber.  Rolynn's puppy dog was so cute and gets to be at the shop every day.  Lucky dog! In a comfy sitting space Rolynn welcomes anyone to stop by and stitch.  Sign up for a class today!
Enchanted Yarn Shop store front in Clarksville, Tennessee


Plenty of space inside to find what you are looking for!

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