Felted Wool Shoe/Boot Liners

Displayed on one of the tables at the fiber festival I spotted shoe sole liners for sale made from felted wool.  With that in mind, I grabbed a felted purse that the shape didn't turn out as great as I hoped and cut a square of felted material.  I traced one of my shoe liners onto the felted material.  Next I cut out the traced lines.  Ta-dah felted wool shoe/boot liners.  I couldn't wait to place them in my walking shoes.  For just a few minutes of work (and I don't mean the felting process included) I have new comfy shoe liners.  This would be a great gift for those men and women in your lives who work outside in the winter on cold days.  

Trace shoe liner onto felted material.

Shoe liners cut from felted material.

Felted material is 1/2 inch thick.

Fit perfectly in my walking shoes held in place with a length of two-sided tape.

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