Hat Felting

Oh, brother! I found a new craft while at the fiber festival.  I knew about hat felting in this manner but had not tried it yet.  I purchased the tall hat mold and Needle Felter needle with ten felting needles.  I also purchased brightly colored roving in bright colors to felt a hat.  The process took approximately 8-10 hours before I was happy with the results of the hat.  I added white roving polka dots.  While this was a learning experience for me, I learned that when you add embellishments (polka dots) not to poke so hard.  I took plugs out of my foam form the size of each polka dot so my foam form looks a little like a block of cheese.  I didn't find many You Tube videos on this craft.  The crafter that sold me the tools gave me a very good tutorial and an instruction sheet with my purchase.  His best advise was to hold your hat to the light and find any thin spots in the hat that need to be filled in.  It makes for a more evenly felted hat.  The hat provides warmth and style.  Give it a try.  Etsy has the high density forms available on line.  

Blue high density tall hat form and Needle Felter with ten needles.

Purple and brown needle felted hat with white polka dots.

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