Fresh Alabama Cotton

Fresh Alabama Cotton 2013

Look at all of this fresh Alabama cotton.  My dad was a career United States Navy man.  We met a lot of people in our travels for his job and we were lucky enough to keep in touch with a few great people over the yearsOur family friend lives in Alabama.  When he called me to ask how everybody was doing, I asked him about the chance of him sending cotton.  I remember seeing the fluff that fell off of the trucks from the cotton fields to the processing along the sides of the road.  That conversation was months ago, but just a couple of days ago there it was a whole box of beautiful white cotton.  The bits of brown that you see on the cotton is leaf crumbs and is easily removed by lightly brushing.  I learned recently that cotton also grows naturally in a light brown color and even a green color.  I will spin the Alabama cotton with my metal Tahkli spindle that I purchased from the website Cotton Clouds.  I will post more as I learn how to spin the Tahkli and make cotton yarn and thread.            


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Jessica Buckler said...

that would be awesome. I also love the upcycled yarn you offer at the store in Newburgh. I have a few items for sale that I used your yarn to create