Sticks and Crochet Hooks

Handmade crochet hooks from sticks in the yard that had fallen from the trees. 

This little pile of wooden crochet hooks is the result of me picking up sticks in the yard and getting the idea of making my own hooks.  They turned out really pretty.  On some of them the gauge is even correct as far as the size of the hook - that was just pure luck on my part.  I've used a couple of them to crochet and they work very well.  I used my husband's tools in the garage to make these.  I grinded the bark off of the sticks with a sander and then cut the "neck" of the hook with a bandsaw - pretty high powered tools that move fast.  Some of the sticks got away from me before they became crochet hooks.  Since I made these I got a small Dremel tool to make them.  That ought to be a little easier to handle than the big tools I used before. 

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Jessica Buckler said...

That would be a neat offering to sell them on