Knit Class #3

My last class gifted and some of the ladies from the first class are back.  Another glitch, where is Ann?  She is not our instructor tonight.  Oh, I was doing so well with her.  Our new, to us, instructor was knit savvy also and very patient with the group and individually gave us attention after asking at what level we were knitting.  We reviewed different methods of cast on stitches, knit, purl, and binding off.  She explained the yarn skein label icons and how to do a gauge sample.  The ladies in the third class and I wanted to learn increase and decrease.  Kelly, I think was her name, had us practice knit and yarn over.  Once that was practiced I asked about beginning the triangle wrap I had always wanted to knit.  I learned that straight needles weren't going to get the job done and was introduced to addi Turbo circular needles shiny silver and not too expensive at $15.00.  I cast on four stitches using the second skein of the KUDO yarn from the Plymouth Yarn Co. and was making a triangular shape.  When Kelly asked me how I was doing with the  the addi Turbos I told her they needed to come with a seat belt because they were really helping me knit faster!  What a great birthday gift from my daughter I have really enjoyed my knitting classes.  Below is a pic of the beginning of my triangular wrap and my new addi Turbo circular needles.  


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your daughter obviously knows what you like. So does my daughter. She gave me some of your hand spun wool for my birthday. It is very nice. It is fun to come to your blog to see what all you do with your yarn. Cheers.

Sonya said...

Hi Lisa! CARRIE said that you liked the yarn - that makes me happy! I'm spinning more and she's requested that I bring it to the office for her to see - maybe more hand spun yarn in your future!
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