A Skein from my Spinning Wheel...

Doing the tasks that a woman has to do on a daily basis is cutting into my spinning time.  It's taken me approximately three weeks to get from long staple hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) spun on the wheel in singles, then plying, to the niddy noddy, washed and hanging to dry.  It's over 200 feet of beauty.  Do you love the colors?  I'm sharing with you a couple pics of the process and then the end results.  

Freshly washed skein hanging outside in the garden to dry.  I add weight (a can of tomatoes) at the bottom of the wet skein to keep the kinks out of the dry skein.  

Waiting in a basket ready to knit into something fabulous! 

Close up pic so you can see the colors.  It's #232 Blue Lagoon purchased from Happy Fuzzy Yarn. The company the roving comes from is frabjous fibers.  They help women of Nepal with the proceeds from the fibers. 

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