Knitting Class #1

The group of ladies of all ages gathered around a table at our LYS KnitWitts in Evansville after checking in and receiving our ball of yarn, size 7 bamboo straight knitting needles and a booklet.  We were surrounded by beautiful colors of skeins and skeins of yarn and knock out sample displays.  Our instructor, Ann, was very knit savvy and kept up with everyone in their different stages of knowledge.  First, we learned to long tail cast on.  Seemed pretty easy to understand.  Then we learned how to do the knit stitch.  So, we ripped out our progress and cast on and knitted many times.  I found out that I was continental knitting and the woman who told me that I was knitting all wrong was herself wrong; I was knitting but not the way she was familiar.  Okay, now I "throw" because that is the method Ann was teaching.  I felt pretty satisfied upon leaving the class and impressed with Ann's ability to hop from one student to another dealing with their level of ability. 

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