Memories Yarn Cafe

I drove across that "money saving bridge" (a local thing people say around here; the blue bridge between Kentucky and Indiana) and discovered a super nice lady and her beautiful antique store in Henderson, Kentucky.  Mrs. Carolyn is a very talented crocheter and member of a prayer shawl group.  Inside of the Memories antique shop is the Memories Yarn Cafe, something that has recently opened and has caught on like wildfire.  You will find Memories Yarn Cafe on Facebook.  While there I purchased yarn (you knew I was going to say that) and new crochet hooks.  My new Susan Bates Quicksilver crochet hooks are a hit.  The shape is nice and like the name says they are "quick."  They are made of aluminum, designed nicely and have a smooth texture that allows for fast crochet action.  The yarn I just had to purchase is called Kaleidoscope and has a dye lot number but not a name.  It's 100% wool so feltable and is made by Elegant Yarns, Inc a USA company.  Take a look at my fingerless gloves that I crocheted using my new 100% wool yarn.  I got a whole pair from one skein and plenty of yarn to do another small project.  I had to modify the pattern that I used for the fingerless gloves.  So what I ended up with was 24 rows of double stitch which I had 35 stitches on my foundation chain.  When you are ready to put the long edges together start from the top, skip about an inch and a half for the thumb hole and then continue on down the edge to put the gloves together.  I decided to top stitch around the top and bottom and I think it looks nice. 

Susan Bates Quicksilver Aluminum Crochet Hooks

100% wool yarn in a bright purple, red and yellow color scheme

Finished fingerless gloves and leftover 100% wool yarn. 

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