Newly Styled Scarf Closure

Sometimes when I get the crochet hook in my hand and the yarn through my fingers I don't have a plan.  That sounds crazy, right?  With a new skein of Debbie Bliss purple tweed with white specks came this what I'm calling a "row scarf."  I crocheted the scarf using the basic double-stitch until it was about 6 inches wide and then remembered a technique I had once done on another project.  I crocheted more double-crochet stitches on top of the already created stitches which created a "height" so-to-speak in the original double-stitch.  So, I continued in this manner until I had 3 rows.  In jewelry making, a bead or knot is used to create something that is placed inside of a loop for the closure.  That was my idea for this newly styled scarf closure for my project.  I made the ball by crocheting a "pocket" and then stuffed it with a bundle of the same yarn.  I had stuffed the pocket ball with some fiber fill but the white color showed through and it didn't look good at all.  So, that's where using the same yarn made it look nice. It feels girly and elegant when you wear the closure just below your collar bone against your sweater or blouse.  

32 inch scarf with ball closure and row crochet

Necklace style scarf closure

Crocheted rows are soft and delicate. 

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